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Grantville Memorial Park

Grantville History
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Interesting the number of locals you talk to who have not taken a stroll through the Grantville and District Memorial Park. The Park is situated adjacent to the Transaction Centre on the corner of the Bass Highway and Pier Road. The park features well maintained BBQ facilities, regularly cleaned public toilets and an amazing history walk. The Park was officially opened on October 2009 by Johan Scheffer MP. after a massive amount of work had been done by a lot of people in the community working with the Bass Coast Shire Council, Bass Valley Community and the Victorian Government Community Support Fund. One of the most interesting features of the park is the history walk which features a series of story boards on a number of topics, including some outstanding photos. On the walk you will read about George Bass, The Explorers, Grantville Racing Club, Western Port Coal Mining Co., The Railway, Woodleigh School Calf  Club 1935, Grantville Show, Grantville Primary School 1941, Western Port Cobb & Co, Stewarts Saw Mill 1880, The Timber Cutters, Grantville Stores and Hotels, and Kel Wilson’s great poem ‘How could my father tell me’ written in 2008.

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