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Early racetracks

Grantville History
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In November 2014 the call went out for details about racetracks (horse, greyhound, go-carts, etc) in and around Grantville. In December 2014 there was a follow up.
Waterline News December 2014
We  have had several enquiries regarding our mention of the racecourse at  Queensferry. My information is that around 1888 a local resident  determined to revive the interest after local sports which had been held  at Corinella since 1880 and included a few pony  races, were abandoned.  A site was chosen for the racecourse at what was known as the  Queensferry Reserve, between the Bass Highway and Queensferry. Later  information puts the site situated on the heath near the Artesian well.  The Committee of the Western Port Racing Club with a Mr. H. Misson as  secretary, cleared a track fit for racing, erected a judge’s box and  other necessary buildings and advertised a program for a race meeting on  what was believed to be St. Patricks Day in 1889. At the first meeting a  seven race program was conducted with prize money amounting to 50  pounds being distributed. We would like to get more information on the  racetrack at Queensferry to include in forthcoming issues and will be  taking a look at what we know about the Grantville racetrack as well.

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